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S. Suzanne Nielsen
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Department of Food Sciences ,Head & Professor Food Science

Dr. Nielsen no longer has an active research program, so does not take on graduate students and post-doctoral research associates. 

B.S., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.S., Ph.D., University of Minnesota 

FS 298 Sophmore Seminar
FS 482 Senior Seminar
FS 467 Food Analysis
FS 651 Food Analysis 

Respond to inquiries on food composition/analysis and food proteins 

Teach Food Chemistry lecture and laboratory for annual "Aseptic Processing and Packaging Workshop" 

Working with colleagues to establish the "International Center for Food Technology Development to Expand Markets"

Ismail, B., & Nielsen, S. (in press). Enzymes Indigenous to Milk: Plasmin System in Milk. Encyclopedia of Dairy Science.

Nielsen, S. (2010). Food Analysis (Vol. 4th). New York: Springer.

Nielsen, S. (2010). Food Analysis Laboratory Manual (Vol. 2nd). New York: Springer.

Ismail, B., & Nielsen, S. (2010). Plasmin Protease in Milk: Current Knowledge and Relevance to Dairy Industry. Journal of Dairy Science, 93(11), 4999-5009.

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